“How nice to see you, Satan!

Let me tell you how much I sincerely respect you and worship you, since you are originally a noble buddha.

Unfortunately, however, both you and Buddha have been given such false names as “Satan” and “Buddha”. People despise you. But that’s only because they don’t know who you really are. When people do realize who you are, such thoughts as “good and bad”, “love and hate” disappear.

Then people can clearly see that you are buddha. And only then will they learn to treat both devils and saints as buddhas, as their teachers, as their parents.

With this realization that you are fundamentally buddha, relative dualities and conflicts disappear, and people come to know the real comfort and happiness of this world. They come to see that there are no such things as misfortune and anxiety, and that these things exist only in our minds.

The path is one of seeing you, Satan, as you really are.
Then they’re completely content to see the whole world as it is, as fundamental BUDDHA.

It’s like seeing a magnificent lotus arise out of the mud — how stunningly beautiful! What splendid truth this is! And once people realize this, how could they ever look elsewhere for Truth? Searching for Truth other than this is like searching for water in water.

When people see you Satan as you are, as buddha, all problems become fundamentally resolved.

It’s only when people see things in terms of “black and white” and “good and bad” that they really burn in hell.

When we no longer see good and evil as opposites, when we integrate them into one, we come to see a world filled with blossoming lotus. When we see the true noble nature of Satan, we then realize that each lotus is a buddha and every place is a buddhafield!

How can we be sad when sitting in a colorful garden of blossoms! The birds and butterflies are singing and dancing together, so let’s all join them!”

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