As the brilliant sun rises in the blue sky, endless,
eternal light pervades the entire universe.

Heaven and hell,
the noble and the evil all come from this Great Light,
and there is nothing in the universe which is not this Great Light.
The flying birds,
the crawling bugs,
the flowing streams,
the stoic boulders always speak loudly of this Light,
and they all reflect the oneness of everything.
This is both a noble and an awesome sight:
even that which seems hopelessly pitiful to us is filled with this Light,
and everything that exists is genuinely happy.

The Great Light has no colour,
yet it is all colours.
It transcends past,
present and future.
It existed before the universe appeared and it will exist after the universe is gone.
And although this Great Light can be talked about for eons,
it cannot be explained in words.
Nor can it be seen with the most precise microscope or the most powerful telescope.
It is simply magnificent beyond description,
and it can be seen only with wisdom’s Eye.

Rampant intellectualism is as unhealthy an influence as rampant materialism knowledge and academics which depart from our basic nature soil our fundamental hearts and bring about apostasy. Our basic nature is clearer than the sky and is no different from Buddha.
But to manifest that nature we must rid ourselves of false knowledge and learning.

Even the most precious jewel obstructs a clear mirror;
and the more dust that accumulates on a mirror,
the duller the mirror’s reflection.
Likewise, accumulated knowledge and learning darken the Eye.
So let’s rid ourselves completely of knowledge and learning which darken this Eye,
and return to our fundamental nature which is clearer than the sky itself.
Let’s all open the Eye so that we can clearly see the Great Light.

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