As the brilliantly rising New Year’s sun colors the clouds on the eastern horizon,
everything in the universe overflows with joy and glory.

All universal law is Buddhist Dharma-indeed, there is nothing that is not.
The towering mountains and the flowing rivers speak the mystical Dharma;
the flying birds and the crawling beasts sing their songs of joy.
Both the evil and the gentle are Buddha;
both clear waters and muddy waters are streams of compassion.
And the world is overflowing with the warm breezes of spring.

Every place to sit is a golden cushion,
a jade stool,
and we have always been dancing to the tunes of beautiful nature. So raise your eyes and look before you:
the endless light of the universe always shines brilliantly.
Indeed, the universe itself is this Great Light.
Let’s join hands and move forward together with all our might;
for peace,
the joy of freedom,
and glory are right before us.

The seas of golden grains are our gardens,
and the sounds of factory machines are the hope of our future.
Let’s all raise our arms together,
dance and sing in the beauty of nature,
and bless every living thing!

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