Some insist Hitler was a vegetarian probably trying to make vegetarians guilty by association, but the truth is that Hitler ate meat continually thoughtout his life.

Now forgive me for being pedantic but one is not a vegetarian if one eats meat. Eating meat or not eating meat is the very criteria of being a vegetarian. Calling Hitler a vegetarian despite his meat eating is nonsense.

A good example of this gibberish was when in 1937 the New York Times reported that Hitler is a vegetarian afterwards listing his favourite meats. The New York Times wrote that he is avegetarianwhorelishes a slice of ham andcaviar” [1] clearly disqualifying him as a vegetarian.

Later reports repeat this strange state of affairs continued saying that he was both a vegetarian whos favourite food included meat and animal products such as Austrian liver dumplings (Leberknödl), eggs, and cheese [4] [5] [6].

Now it might well be true that Hitler was enthralled by Wagners historical theories and believed the future of mankind would be vegetarian [7] [8] [9] [10] and that he supported animal rights to some extent but that does make it possible for him to qualify for being a meat-eating vegetarian since that is an oxymoron and the bastardization of the English language and departure from common-sense

So please let us stop with the idea that Hitler was or could have been a meateating vegetarian.


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