In the Pali-cannon the Buddha states (A.I.8-10) “Luminous, monks, is the mind, and it is defiled by incoming defilements” indicating that through meditation the mind’s natural radiance can be made manifest. The tathagatagarbha (“arahant womb”) is said to be “by nature brightly shining and pure,” and “originally pure,” though soiled with the dirt of attachment, hatred, delusion and false imagining.” It is said to be “naturally pure” but it appears impure as it is stained by defilements (cf, Lankavatara Sutra). The tathagatagarbha (and alaya-vijnana) is also associated with the attainment of nirvana (cf, Shurangama and Lankavatara Sutras). The point is that your everyday minds is not the mind you are looking for…!

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