“A revolution,
but not fought with sticks and stones;
– turning of the heart!

A change from within
only you can change yourself;
– can’t do it for you!

If someone needs help,
then try your best to sort it;
– if you can’t, you can’t!

Most importantly,
stay still and work on yourself;
– for that is real change!

For lotuses to bloom,
it needs to stand in the mud;
– same for your and I!

The revolution,
only true revolution;
– will come from within!”

by BupSahn Sunim

Image: Lotus painted by BupSahn Sunim. The lotus symbolizes the relationship between good and bad since it blooms fresh and fragrant out of the mud below. It teaches us that there is no bloom without dirt and shows that the dirt will be transformed – they co-exist and are interdependent (no mud, no lotus).

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