About Us

Yaksa Health is a non-profit Zen organisation formally affiliated with the Korean Buddhist Taego Zen Order. Zen itself means “meditation” which contrary to popular opinion can be done anytime, anywhere and during any activity. Yaksa,means medicine temple or Medicine Buddha in Korea and represents our commitment to non-dualistic natural health – physical and mental health including meditation, counselling and eating delicious and nutritious food

In this website you can find contacts to mediators, counsellors, and health food chefs along with forums for finding out about meditation, health and other topics. There are free meditation courses along with ideas and reflections on these topics.


Dualist Doubletalk

Posted on November 13, 2015 by BupSahn Sunim Many twentieth century philosophers have argued that we should reject ‘dualism’ and follow some form of ‘physicalism’. Strangely, the same

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